Blue Turnip: “What Do You Want From Me”

Hello, WordPress, my old friend.  It has been too long.  Too long.

What brings me back to you today for the first time in almost a year and a half?  Well, I’ll tell you (♫ He’s going to tell (He’s going to tell) He’s going to tell (He’s going to tell) ♫)

My band, Blue Turnip, just released it’s first official single entitled “What Do You Want From Me” which you can find here:

A little background on Blue Turnip.  We describe ourselves as a triumvirate of slightly progressive melodic pop rock with influences ranging from Mozart to McCartney.  My favorite description so far of “What Do You Want From Me” is “Like Tom Petty and Mike Nesmith had a lovechild using Annie Haslam from Renaissance as their surrogate. Can’t stop listening.”

We recorded the song at Bomb House Recording with Recording Engineer Ricky Rodgriguez.  We have worked with “Ricky Rod” in the past and have had an excellent experiences working with him.  He creates a comfortable studio environment and offers interesting ideas without stepping on the toes of the song you came in to record.  We very much look forward to the next time we get to work with him.

Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!  All the money we make from “What Do You Want From Me” goes straight into a “recording fund” so we can get back into the studio.  So, if you like the song, buy it!  Share it!  So that we can make more music for you!

Thanks for reading (and listening!) and hopefully it will be less than a year and a half before I make it back here again!