My Wife’s Birthday!

We interrupt this Top 40 albums countdown to celebrate a very special event!  MY WIFE IS TURNING 25 THIS WEEKEND!  Here to celebrate are some of her favorite musicians!

Catey, thank you for (almost) two wonderful years of marriage, eight years of indispensable friendship, and for a lifetime to come of memories.  You mean more to me than anyone or anything I have ever known.  I will do my best to give you a great birthday weekend beginning with a few of your favorite songs (and The Beatles’ “Birthday” because duh!)!  I love you, sweetheart!

Hey, for all your blog readers out there, my wife has a blog on this very website!  If you are at all interested in Young Adult Fiction, Modern Television, or Makeup, you will love it!

She has also had two freakin’ awesome short stories published which you can find here:

Happy Birthday, Catey!  I love you!


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