The 2nd Law by Muse

What’s up faithful Speaking of Things that Rule…ers!  As promised, I am finally catching up with my weekly countdown!  Number 32 on my Top 40 albums countdown is The 2nd Law by a band called Muse, fitting as Muse just came out with a brand new song from their upcoming album!  I actually already wrote what was one of my favorite blog posts about the greatness and importance of this album last year which you can find here:

As for this post, I will hit you with a couple songs from the record which you may not have heard if you are a “radio” Muse fan (although the radio songs on this record are truly brilliant as well).


“Big Freeze”

Thanks for reading this latest installment of the Top 40 albums countdown!  If you have been following the countdown, the next few weeks will be a break from the Top 40.  I have a few posts for you guys to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Palm Sunday, and Easter!  The countdown will resume with Number 31 the first full week of April!  Have a great week, and come back here for a St. Patrick’s Day Post on Saturday!  I know it will be after St. Patrick’s Day actually happened, but as I have discovered these past few weeks, I don’t have time during the week to put a (somewhat) entertaining blog post together, so YOU GUYS CAN JUST DEAL WITH IT MCDONALDS WILL STILL HAVE THE SHAMROCK SHAKE SO WE CAN STILL CELEBRATE ST. PATRICK!


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