Goldie’s Last Day by PFR

Number 36 on my countdown of Top 40 albums is PFR’s Goldie’s Last Day.  If you’ve never heard of PFR, I like to describe them as the Christian, 90’s, rock trio version of the Beatles.  I know that seems like an excessive number of adjectives, but listen to this song and see if you don’t agree.

Just like in my last post, I am going to give you a snippet straight from the album.  That song is track five on Goldie’s Last Day called “Spinnin’ Round.”  Here is the title track which is the sixth song on the record.

If you aren’t completely charmed by that song, I don’t even know what kind of person you are.

PFR is headed by front-man and main songwriter for the band Joel Hanson who, in my opinion, is one of the most talented musicians in the Christian Music world.  His songwriting style includes a very 60’s-70’s feel with Beatle-esque melodies and background vocals, but with the inclusion of more 90’s style alternative rock chord progressions.  It is a marriage of styles that works very well in this particular case.  He is also more than an adequate guitarist, and I included the solo from the first track on Goldie’s Last Day in my guitar solos post from last March which can be found here

This album is truly a joy to listen to.  It is right in the wheelhouse of PFR’s musical abilities.  The choruses are catchy enough to learn them by the end of the song, and there is enough musical depth to the record that it can be enjoyed over and over again.  And who can forget about the gargle solo (I’ll just have to let you guys figure that one out yourselves).

So, we are through five of my Top 40 albums!  Next week I will take a week off from the countdown to do a Valentine’s Day post about love songs!  In case you are just picking up the countdown this week, here are the albums that have been included so far with links to each of the posts in case you are interested.

40. Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles

39. Oh, Tall Tree in the Ear by Roman Candle

38. Sound of Melodies by Leeland

37. Hi-Fi Revival by The O. C. Supertones

Thanks for reading and have an excellent week!  Come back next Saturday for your weekly Speaking of Things that Rule… post!  So long!


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