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Three Songs for Valentine’s Day

Hi, guys.  Today I take a break from the Top 40 albums countdown to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  I am have been married for over a year and a half to the most wonderful person I have ever met or ever will meet.  Music is an excellent way to celebrate love: singing, dance, or even just listening while holding one another.  My wife Catey and I decided on “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney for our first dance.  I knew that song was what I wanted my first dance to be very early in life, and I was lucky enough to find a girl who also loved Paul McCartney and that song.  I posted my favorite version of this song on a prior blog post which you can find here  It is number two on that list!  Number one is a wonderful love song as well if you care to listen to it!

Another one of my absolute favorite love songs is available in this post about the Roman Candle album Oh, Tall Tree in the Ear  The song is “Woke Up this Morning.”

While I am promoting old posts, I also posted a couple of my favorite love songs by Josh Wilson in my Pop Song Writer post which you can find here  The songs are called “How to Fall” and “Always Only You.”  Rob Cantor’s “All I Need is You” is also a great love song on that post!

Anyways, now to why I made this post: Three songs for Valentine’s Day.  Here are three songs which I think totally capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  I hope you enjoy!  Be sure to make it back next week for number 35 on my Top 40 albums countdown!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Only Love by The Beatles

The Luckiest by Ben Folds

Only Alive by Jars of Clay