Hi-Fi Revival by The O. C. Supertones

Well, here we are at Number 37 of my Top 40 countdown and it is safe to say that I had the most fun, wore my voice out the most, and car danced most excessively to this album: Hi-Fi Revival by The O. C. Supertones.  In my post https://speakingofthingsthatrule.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/christian-rock/ I referenced the Supertones as “…the most fun you will have driving in a vehicle of any sort.”  Judging by the truly unsafe number of times I found my car drifting due to intensive head bobbing, I would say that is definitely still the case.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a sample.  (It may help to pantomime driving)

Right?!?!  I am gonna do something a little different for the song samples on this album.  “Welcome Home” is track three, so I am gonna hit you with tracks four and five as well so you can have a snippet straight from the record if you have never heard it before.  Track four is entitled “Hold on to Jesus” and it is a gorgeous song that captures the struggle of striving for Christ and being terribly human at the same time.  Track five is entitled “Go Go Go,” and if you can’t gather from that title it is quite fun.

If you know anything of the Supertones discography, especially their albums prior to Hi-Fi Revival, you know that this is easily their most melodic release.  Additionally, one of my favorite things about this album, aside from it being wonderfully fun and even insightful in places, is that it is a full 15 tracks long and every single one of those 15 tracks belongs on this record.  This album is a serious bang for your buck.  It is nearly impossible to find 15 songs on one album that are of as high of quality as these songs are, but at the same time you are not bored in the last leg of the album.  Quite to the contrary, the back half of the album is energizing and leaves you wanting more.

Attempting to look at the record from an opposing subjective point of view, I suppose you could argue that 14 of the 15 songs are very high energy and there is not an enormous amount of variety in that respect.  However, many of the songs differ quite a bit in style from funky to poppy to heavy rock to light-hearted lyrics.  And, from a purely OBJECTIVE point of view, the album is too freakin’ fun to be criticized for not having enough tranquil moments.

So, there you have it!  Number 37 on the countdown!  Be sure to tune in next week for number 36 which features one of my all time greatest song-writing influences!  Have a great week and enjoy some great music!


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