Sound of Melodies by Leeland

If that song doesn’t get you interested in this album, I don’t know what will!  That is like one of the catchiest songs ever!

Welcome to Speaking of Things That Rule… if this is your first time here!  This is number 38 on my top 40 album countdown I started at the beginning of the month!  Number 38 is Sound of Melodies by Leeland!

So often, music is associated with memories and listening to certain songs, pieces, composers, or artists can conjure up these memories quite vividly.  My now wife, Catey, and I were best friends for a year in high school before we started dating.  This friendship started via my Mom not wanting to pick me up from school and getting Catey to drive me home because we went to the same church.  Hopefully these rides weren’t too big of an inconvenience for Catey.  I would think not since my house was 20 minutes out of the way on her drive home and judging from the result of our friendship!  Anyways, on these drives home we would listen to Catey’s Ipod.  Often, I would put the ipod on shuffle because Catey has an extensive collection of movie and TV music and I thought it was hilarious when, like, a villain’s music in Pirates of the Caribbean would come on.  However, over time we began to realize that our music tastes were remarkably similar and we listened to tons of the same artists.  We would introduce each other to artists and really built a music library together.  (If you remember, my number 40 album was from Sara Bareilles – an artist Catey introduced me to).  One day after school, we went to Catey’s house rather than mine to hang out for a while.  Afterwards, Catey drove me home.  I remember, she started playing Leeland’s record Sound of Melodies and I was instantly captivated by the vocals and the overall sound of the group.  I also remember Catey saying, “I can’t believe you like Leeland and not Mae!”  It got heated and she murdered me.  I am writing this from the grave!  😀

Anyways, onto the music I guess finally!  I have been re-listening to these records before I write about them, and I was struck by the overall high song quality on this album.  It has kind of an early 2000’s pop rock vibe, I guess maybe similar to that of The Killers and the like, but with much more depth of sound, better melodies, and truly incredible vocals.  Similar to both of the albums I have written about so far, the songs on this record are very cohesive without all sounding exactly the same.  For the most part, they have a very solidified pop rock sound, but certain songs provide a bit of stylistic variance including the serene worship song “Beautiful Lord” and the blues-like “Too Much.”  However, the undisputed pinnacle of the album is the fifth track “Tears of the Saints.”  This is one of my absolute favorite songs of all times.  Its sincerity, beautiful melody, and (again) fantastic vocals make for one of the most beautiful songs ever.

I told you, right?  Anyways (3rd time I’ve used this word in this 600 word blog post!  See if you can find all the “anyways”‘s on Speaking of Things That Rule…!) thanks for reading, and I encourage you to listen to this awesome record!  Tune in next week for number 37 where there will be brass!  Oh, there will be brass!  Have a great week!


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