Recapping and Reformatting

Well, the year is coming to a close.  This blog entitled Speaking of Things that Rule… fulfilled my whirlwind of a New Year’s Resolution for 2014: start a blog.  I did, indeed, start this blog with the intention of posting about music weekly or even bi-weekly.  12 months and 16 blog posts later, it is obvious I came nowhere near reaching my goal.  Therefore, a change is in order!

Effective January 2015, this blog will undergo a change in format.  Gone are the extensive lists.  Gone are the ridiculously long posts with 10+ YouTube videos that take 30-45 minutes just to read and listen to.  Gone are the mindlessly goofy posts where I claim to have uncovered lost Pink Floyd lyrics or the greatest drum fill ever recorded.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Goodness gracious, what even is going to be on this blog anymore even tbh?!?!”  Well, I’ll tell you!  ♫ He’s going to tell (He’s going to tell) He’s going to tell (He’s going to tell), etc. ♫

When I first created this blog, I created two folders to sort my posts into: “Music and Lyrics” which acted as an all-encompassing folder for random musical posts and “Album Reviews” which should be pretty self-explanatory (you dope!).  Of my 16 blog posts, 16 fall into “Music and Lyrics” and 0 fall into “Album Reviews.”  Next year, that is going to change!

I have compiled a list of 40 of my absolute favorite albums!  Effective January, I will be writing weekly “persuasive album reviews” to convince the reader (or confirm the reader’s beliefs as it were) that these 40 albums deserve to be cherished and are formidable musical achievements!  The albums will be presented in reverse order from my 40th favorite to my number one favorite album!  This list is quite diverse and should be entertaining for all sorts of readers as it contains albums that range from the purest of modern pop to the most epic progressive rock and spans the years of 1965-2012.  I am debating whether to employ some sort of rating system or whether to just make a case for the music and let you decide for yourselves.  I suppose we will see in the year to come!

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “There are more than 40 weeks in a year!  THIS GUY IS A MORON!”  In fact, both of those statements are true!  There are twelve weeks set aside next year for “Music and Lyrics” posts that include special dates such as holidays, my family’s birthdays, etc. where I will post things more like what you have seen this past year.  However, the vast majority of posts will be based these “persuasive album reviews.”

I hope for this new format to be more accessible to the reader and to include a wide variety of music which I have come to know and love which hopefully you all will come to know and love as well (all 3-5 of you that read this blog that is).  So, here is to Speaking of Things that Rule… 2014 in all of its laughter, joy, the ridiculous, the sublime, the tears, and anything else you may have loved (or hated).  In case you have turbo Kyle’s blog nostalgia, here are links to a few of my favorite posts from this past year:

Also, to any of you that are interested, I am on Twitter!

Here, you can find offbeat observational humor as well as miniature music rants, hilarious retweets, and other random tid-bits!

Thank you for your support, and I hope you have an excellent Christmas as well as a Happy New Year with your friends and families!  A little Christmas music to play the year out!


2 thoughts on “Recapping and Reformatting

  1. Thanks for following me, I have done the same. I look forward to good things here in the New Year. I hope to have a chance to read them and I hope that you will come visit my site again. Next to writing, music is my greatest passion. Enjoyed your post here. It made me giggle a few times. I’m interested to see if any of your top 40 albums are the same as mine. Happy New Year!

    1. Hello, there! Sure thing! My wife is a writer also, and we talk of music and writing often! I am far from a writer, but my sentences are competent enough to get my point across :-p Thank you for the follow and I hope you have an excellent New Year!

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