Baseball Music

Baseball and Music pretty much go hand in hand.  Whether it is an organ player at a major league ballpark, “We Will Rock You” foot stomps/hand claps, the “Charge!” trumpet, or that little thing that is like, “dun dun dun dun dun dun dun *clap clap* dun dun dun dun dun dun dun *clap clap*, etc.”

One element of music baseball is especially well-known for is the Walk-up Song.  For anyone not familiar, in baseball each individual player, whether they be a pitcher or a position player, has a song that is played when they take the mound or when they step up to the plate.  The song they choose to be played is called their Walk-up Song.  Players usually choose either a song that gets them pumped up or a song they feel a strong connection to.  If you pay attention to the songs that players choose, they can be quite diverse.  I have heard everything from the James Bond theme to “This is Why I’m Hot.”  Often times, players will stick with one song for extended periods of time to the point that it seems the player and the song go together.  For example, Mariano Rivera and “Enter Sandman.”

Anyways, yeah, you get it the Walk-up Song is super cool and important.  However, since this blog is a platform for me to prove again and again with resounding absolutism that I am the man, here are the Walk-up Songs I used over my long, industrious, three-year high school baseball career.

“Return of the Revolution” by The O.C. Supertones

“Freedom Fighters” by P.O.D.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith

Just to explain this one a bit, I got called up to the Varsity team for the playoffs my sophomore year.  We weren’t allowed to have Walk-up Songs my sophomore year, so I did not have one on the clubhouse computer.  My friend, Will, very kindly offered me his iPod to choose a song to walk out to so I wasn’t the only player greeted by only silence.  Very kind, indeed, but Will and I had the absolute opposite music taste.  I like about a dozen Aerosmith songs and this is one of them, so I walked up to “Sweet Emotion” for one game.

“New Body” by Audio Adrenaline

“Requiem (The Fifth)” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Also, to clarify this one, I actually never got to walk out to this song.  I didn’t play baseball baseball my senior year to pursue piano and songwriting.  (In case you are wondering it did turn out to be the correct decision)  Anyways, if I had played my senior year, I most certainly would have walked out to this sweet tune.

Any baseball fans or players out there?  What are some songs that you walked out to or that you have heard players walk out to that got you psyched?  Let me know!  Also, hit me with any blog topics you would like to see!  I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions in the comments section.  I hope you all enjoy your week, enjoy baseball, enjoy music, and enjoy your life!


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