So You Think You Hate Coldplay

My brother loves Coldplay.  He has every album, knows all the lyrics, and can play many of the songs on piano/guitar.  For years, I would openly admit that I hated Coldplay.  I would get in heated arguments with people about them.  Sometimes they would come to blows.  I am here today to tell all those people I sincerely apologize.  I was wrong.  I do NOT hate Coldplay.

Don’t get me wrong, I cringe every time I hear “Paradise” on Pop radio or someone sits down at the piano to hack through “Clocks” or “The Scientist,” and the 19 separate versions of “Lost” make me question my existence.  However, I am not ashamed to admit that there are some great Coldplay songs out there.  This post, in addition to being an honest and sincere apology to the Coldplay fan base (especially Brian), is a list of Coldplay songs I would recommend to anyone.  I call it The Coldplay Album for Those of Us Who “Hate” Coldplay.

The Coldplay Album for Those of Us  Who “Hate” Coldplay

1. “Spies” from Parachutes.  

When most people think of the album Parachutes their minds immediately go to the songs “Shiver,” “Yellow,” and “Trouble,” but there are some hidden gems on this album.  This (flat-out cool) song is one of them.

2. “Daylight” from A Rush of Blood to the Head 

3. “Warning Sign” from A Rush of Blood to the Head 

4. “A Whisper” from A Rush of Blood to the Head 

5. “A Rush of Blood to the Head” from A Rush of Blood to the Head 

A Rush of Blood to the Head is pretty much split right down the middle with some of Coldplay’s worst offences and some of their most brilliant work.  These songs, especially, capture an excellent mood that would have made for an excellent album.  Each of these songs go together so well, but don’t have the dreaded “Is this one long song?” quality that many albums have.

6. “Square One” from X and Y 

7. “The Hardest Part” from X and Y 

X and Y suffers a bit from “Is this one long song?” syndrome, but these two songs really stand out.  I have an especially soft spot for “The Hardest Part.”  I think it is one of those perfect rock pop songs.  Really catchy, but not formulaic.  You gotta love it.

8. “How You See the World (Live) 

This song comes from a compilation album from several artists called Help: A Day in the Life.  While it is unfortunate that Coldplay is now associated with the Beatles, this song is fantastic.  The album version is pretty good, but this is a song that I think especially rocks live.

9. “Violet Hill” from Viva la Vida 

I truly wish that this had been Coldplay’s single from this album.  All our live’s would be much better for it.  This is probably my favorite Coldplay song.

10. “Rainy Day” from Prospekt’s March 

11. “Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground” from Prospekt’s March 

Prospekt’s March was the EP that accompanied Viva la Vida and it has some solid tracks.  Also, on second thought, “Rainy Day” is actually my favorite Coldplay song.  Actually, it is probably one of my favorite songs.  Period.

12. “UFO” from Mylo Xyloto 

Both “Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground” and “UFO” are incredibly gorgeous.  The orchestration on both of them is spot on.

So, there it is!  Not to say that these are the only good Coldplay songs, but this is sort of my “Best Of.”  I miiiiiiiiiiight be able to make a The Second Coldplay Album for Those of Us Who “Hate” Coldplay, but I think it would be closer to an EP.  The important thing is, if you hated Coldplay before you read this article, but now realize that they are kind of alright, then I have done my job!


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